The expectation and demand for the quality of our software solutions is not only set by our clients and partners but also ourselves. Quality assurance is an integral part of our development life-cycle. Our specialists are involved at the early stages of every project and through our agile methodology we make sure to make part of every iteration. 

Carefully thought business requirements set the stage for the design of digital products, therefore, integrating and meeting the standards for both business and technical aspects is crucial. We leverage different kinds of testing strategies, both manual and automated, to ensure that our clients and end users are getting the best possible outcome. No matter the scenario, we design and put forward quality assurance plans that follow best industry practices and standards. 

Having a dedicated QA department ensures a thorough and robust process with better results. From writing test cases and performing functional, unit, performance, regression, user, accessibility testing and more, our end goal is to provide quality products that are efficient, intuitive, secure and that will ultimately save costs.