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It only takes a decision for oil companies to become data-centric.

The decision for companies to invest in Oil and Gas software is like drilling a new well: while CAPEX costs may be high up front, ongoing long-term value can be extracted afterwards with minimal OPEX budgets.

This ain’t your grandfather’s oil field

Fields in the XXI century are akin to living, ultra-connected organisms that pump data as much as they pump oil. With SCADA and data historians at its core, companies have invested heavily in data infrastructure for the past 40 years, making sure every bit of data is collected and stored. But is it enough? Forwarding, storing, processing and displaying massive volumes of data is a huge undertaking, and one where oil companies see different levels of success. But to truly drive transformation out of data, you want more than data fragments: you want insight. You want a connection of seemingly isolated data patterns which provide you with the real story behind the information. That’s exactly what software does, and that’s what we can do for you.

Data-driven oil companies

It only takes a decision for oil companies to become data-centric: the technology is already in place, the data readily available and the costs of entry low enough to measure ROI in terms of months or weeks rather than years. When that decision is embraced by the entire organization the road for transformation is set, and we can start working with your teams to leverage their expertise. By determining the areas where the least amount of energy will generate the maximum amount of impact, we can guarantee high effectiveness with minimal budget and short timeframes.

We have experience bringing visibility to otherwise difficult to track interactions

Asset management

We’ve helped production and services companies track equipment, monitor maintenance teams and log regular asset reviews, and we understand how much of a pain point this is for the industry. Our technology resolves this by providing tools to integrate the teams on the ground with engineering and C-level executives. Driving vertical integration throughout traditionally hierarchical organizations enables a completely new level of visibility that allows companies to improve communication, stay in control and multiply efficiency to new heights.

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