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Logistics and Distribution

The challenge for distribution companies to operate seamlessly continues to increase. The upside is that the technology to ensure this happens is already in place.

While outdated and poorly implemented systems applied to handling end-to-end operations fall behind, a comprehensive customized software can enhance processes and ensure better performances. We have designed and built logistics and distribution software that automate processes and integrate different areas of operations, but to truly empower our clients we can’t stop there: understanding the business decisions behind them, and carefully optimizing flows for speed and efficiency are key aspects of a successful deployment.


Given multiple processes and information are involved in the chain of operations, properly centralizing and integrating data becomes of the essence, which is not always the case. We find that data is often fragmented and handled through non-compatible systems and therefore tasks take longer and demand more resources. From purchase and sales orders, overseeing pick-ups, packing and shipment, managing all cycles of inventory and warehouses, producing and storing proper documentation, etc. everything needs to be properly accounted for. Combined with clear visibility means ensuring that human error is reduced to its minimum and providing faster and more accurate deliveries. At the same time, the use of technology such as machine learning when analyzing big volumes of data can be translated into accurate reports that play a big role in detecting key areas of improvement and guaranteeing better decision-making that will ultimately reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


We have worked on bringing visibility to all aspects of the supply chain, by ensuring that all data is properly and securely recorded, and that accessibility is available at all times through different devices. Traditional and well-known systems are still not always able to trace key variables since they offer scarce customization features. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, many factors need to be carefully analyzed to ensure the best operational efficiency. That is why we have created and carefully designed tools to ensure specific and complex tasks are accounted for, which can also be integrated into these systems without disrupting work. Furthermore, we have provided the necessary tools to trigger real-time status updates enabling clients to follow orders from the minute they are entered until completion.

We have experience integrating all areas of operation for a seamless performance


From creating and handling contracts, invoices, receipts, certificates, inventory records, reports and more, documentation plays a big part in the distribution and logistics sector. And it can take up vital time and resources if not done effectively. Software can generate reliable documents in real time and aggregate them into a centralized management system. Additionally, it makes sure documents are properly and securely stored, while all stakeholders retain quick and easy access to the resources they need.

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