Design Centered

Design is a powerful driving force: it goes well beyond a drawing on a piece of paper, and permeates everything around us. Design means using data, creativity, user experience and cutting-edge technology to add value to our client’s businesses.

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We helped DesignCentered come up with their brand identity, working closely with the company founder to find design cues that could keep its online presence consistent across multiple platforms. We also helped with the layout, design and coded their website so that it could be used both as a general presentation of the company and as a resource hub for documents, guidance and tools that help companies and individuals implement a design centered mindset in their daily operations.

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Created in 2019, DesignCentered puts design at the center of a new way of thinking about companies, teams and products. DesignCentered’s premise is simple: what happens when we bake design right at the core of the products and services that we build, instead of resorting to it only when it’s time to make things “look good”? Design-centered organizations embrace innovation, enable fun and challenging environments for their employees and work hard to enhance their customers' experience at every touch point.

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Great minds think alike

Building meaningful relationships, understanding the needs and desires of others and developing products around the feedback of users and stakeholders are key aspects of our own values, so it was easy for us to resonate with DesignCentered vision throughout this project. Enabling us to reflect on how our own processes are shaped, this was one of those rare opportunities where work gives us a chance to look ourselves in the mirror.